Based on the goals of the project, Dr. Donà can draw upon his network of colleagues and domain experts.


MBA Finance – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA - 2002. GMAT 800
Ph. D. Mathematics – Rice University, Houston, TX - 1995)
B.A. Economics – Rice University, Houston, TX -1984. Phi Beta Kappa
Candidat Ingénieur Commercial – Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, 1982

Luca Donà, Ph. D., MBA

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy, Anti-Fragility, Risk Management, Artificial Intelligence, Finance

Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Game Theory, System Dynamics

Efficient Algorithm Design, Data Analysis, IT Project Architecture & Management …

Type of Projects

Business and Finance Advising
– Deal Advising, Business Development, opportunity Sourcing and Capital introductions,
– Business Analysis in Support of Litigation
– Litigation Strategy
– Financial Securities Analysis in Support of Litigation

Portfolio and Risk Management, Securities Trading
– Securities Trading & Portfolio Management
– Portfolio Strategist & Director of Research at $500M Hedge Fund

Real Estate Development
– Houston Museum of African American Culture,

Small Business Entrepreneur
– Houston Multimedia Center, multimedia systems integration, development projects and corporate classroom training


– Language: Fluent in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Reading knowledge of German.
– Hobbies: bridge, chess, ballroom dancing, go, piano playing, scuba diving.